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We are your best source for fabrication of natural, biocompatible, and functional dental prosthetics. We also can refer you to a dental professional whose primary concern is the health and well being of your entire mind and body. A poor quality dental prosthetic can affect our physical appearance as well as our overall oral health. Oral health has been linked to many health concerns and has been shown to have an affect on cardio-vascular disease, diabetes, M.S., and many other systemic ailments. We attempt to take all these concerns into consideration when designing your smile.

We have been in business for 30 years in the Santa Fe, New Mexico area, and are looking towards expanding our business in the region, nationally, and internationally in the future. Write or call today to find out how we can help you realize your potential with a winning smile and quality prosthodontics. 

Kevin Rehorn CDT CE
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Second Nature Dental Arts is your one source for the professional artisan service uniquely equipped to
 sculpt your new smile.