Sonicare Electric Toothbrush and Placker Floss and Brush Kit
Makes brushing and flossing easy and quick. Did you know that brushing and flossing daily helps cure and prevent periodontal disease which has been linked to heart disease, COPD, MS, lupus, diabetes, and other systemic diseases.

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sculpt your new smile
Home Tooth Whitening Kit
Complete in home tooth whitening maintenance kit (between whitening visits to your dentist). Fifty percent stronger than over the counter kits yet still gentle enough to prevent sensitivity and enamel demineralization in most mouths. Comes with 20 pre-filled trays, whitening maintenance toothpaste and whitening floss.
Custom Digital Photographic Analysis and Design of Your Smile
Send us a digital photograph of your smile (teeth showing) and we will design from your preferences and desires a smile makeover and estimate of the final cost.